Mercury DSI diesel outboards power Ring Powercraft’s high-performance RIB

Published on: 22/11/2016

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Specialist builder of high-speed defence craft, Ring Powercraft, is celebrating its 50th anniversary year with a number of new projects in the commercial and defence sectors. First to the water is the 10.5 metre RP-M1050 Ultra-High-Performance Tactical RIB with a triple Mercury 3.0 litre 180hp Diesel Spark Ignition (DSI) outboard rig; the first set up of this type in the UK. 

To satisfy the ever-growing need by agencies for higher performance, handling and economy, the veteran British Sports Boat and RIB manufacturer draw on their extensive racing heritage to deliver a proven solution where the end-user does not have to sacrifice performance for function, range, comfort or durability. 

Developed and refined into a purpose-built commercial and military design, the RP-M1050 facilitates high-speed defence functions and has attracted recognition for its handling, soft riding and excellent rough water capability.

The RP-M1050 has been paired with industry-exclusive Mercury Racing DSI outboard engines, supplied and supported by the Special Products Team at Barrus. These engines have been specifically engineered to address the needs of military and other specialised commercial applications where petrol is either not available or carries a fire risk. The high-performance DSI outboard differs significantly from a normal diesel engine which uses compression to cause the fuel to combust. DSI motors, much like petrol engines use a spark plug to ignite the fuel which has been finely atomised by a small charge of compressed air. Additionally, a glow plug supports the spark plug to ensure consistent, reliable cold starting. An on-board Propulsion Control Module (PCM) optimises fuel and spark timing delivering enhanced running and performance. SmartCraft® Engine Guardian provides real-time, self-protection engine fault diagnostics and messaging. 

Utilising Ring Powercraft’s depth of experience in hull design, the Series 3 hull is core to RP-M1050’s performance. The stepped hull delivers enhanced performance and highly responsive tracking which, although now commonplace , was first introduced to production sports boats by Ring in the late seventies. This enhancement achieved speed records at Windermere, as well as championship wins in the UK and Europe, and delivers a fuel efficiency that offers considerably enhanced mission range. 

The RP-M1050 is a Commercial off the Shelf solution that can be adapted to meet envelope and delivery requirements for land, air or sea transportation with the flexibility to customise seating configurations, equipment mounting and technology options to suit specific requirements. 


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