Repower with Confidence

Benefits of Repowering

Installing a new, technologically advanced YANMAR engine will instantly breathe new life into your boat.

With the right system, you will benefit from:

  • Improved acceleration, power, and responsiveness
  • Lower running costs and increased uptime
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency and lower environmental impact
  • Upgrade to the latest electronics, controls, and diagnostics with interconnectivity to modern multi-function displays
  • An overall smoother, quieter, and more pleasurable boating experience

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When to consider Repowering

You should consider repowering if:

  • Your existing engine is becoming increasingly unreliable
  • You are losing horsepower
  • The engine is consuming too much fuel
  • Maintenance costs and downtime are rising



Depending on the complexity of the project, replacing an inboard engine can take between one to four weeks once it arrives at the yard. However, the more time and consideration that can be put into planning the repowering project beforehand will pay dividends when the installation starts.

This includes:

  • Choosing your installation centre
  • Selecting your new engine
  • Choosing new accessories/technology you may wish to include
  • Allocating delivery time for all needed materials
  • Identifying any additional work that might be required


What Engine Do I Need?

When determining the engine best suited to your repowering needs, there will be a number of things to consider, centred around the type of boat you own, what you are looking to gain, and your engine room space and current engine footprint.

It is best to consult with an authorised YANMAR dealer to determine the right propulsion system for your needs.

A successful repowering project relies on two key aspects: selecting the correct engine for your boat and commissioning a qualified YANMAR installer.

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